Wednesday, May 11, 2005

But It's Okay If You're A Republican!

This story from News Hounds has been flying all over the blogosphere and the radio lately, and I just felt the urge to pile on because... well, I don't know, just because. It's weird and gross and everything, and points up the hypocrisy that exists like a huge, unacknowledged elephant shitting on the drink table inside the Republican tent, but I'm also posting this because I have a somewhat-related story (also weird and gross) to accompany it.

It seems that noted anti-abortion activist Neal Horsley (extra points for being so aptly named) admitted to Fox Radio host Alan Colmes (or, as Al Franken refers to him, Alan Colmes) that he had sex with animals -- specifically a mule -- while growing up on a farm in Georgia. He further said that this was a normal thing to do, and implied that just about any farm boy from Georgia would have had a similar experience. Yeesh!

The transcript is getting loads of press, and you can read it yourself (if you haven't already) by clicking on the link above, so I'll refrain from posting the entire converation, but it's worth checking out.

As to that somewhat-related story of mine... maybe Mr. Horsley wasn't so far wrong when he said that his experience was not an isolated one. I recall being about 17 or so and attending a Cal Poly fraternity party in my home town of Pomona, where I drank about as much beer as I could pour down my throat in four or five hours, and having some rather interesting conversations with the college guys there. One in particular stood out then and still does today. A fellow not too many years older than me told me he had grown up in nearby Chino, then known mainly for dairy farms and a couple of correctional facilities. He said he loved growing up on a dairy farm, and proceeded to describe the advantages of being close to young calves who, he claimed, would "suck on just about anything you put in their mouths -- you know, your finger, whatever." The glint in his eye and the smile on his face told me all I needed to know about what "whatever" might be, and I began to look around for a quick exit.

"Excuse me," I said, pointing off in the general direction of my friend Walt and a few other people on the other side of the room, "but there are some human beings over there that I think I need to talk to."

I wonder if that guy at the frat party grew up to be a Republican activist? It wouldn't surprise me a bit.
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