Wednesday, September 09, 2009

"You Lie!"

Amazing. Just fucking amazing. A Limbaugh Party Congressman, Joe Wilson (Asshole-SC, and no relation, I hope!), felt that it was so important to share his views on Obama's speech and Obama as a president that he shouted out, "You lie!" in a quiet moment just after Barack said that his health care bill would not cover illegal immigrants. The particulars of the speech aside -- and just for the record, it seemed to me like more weak sauce from the Man Who Would Be Bipartisan In Chief -- just imagine for a minute how this would have played out if a Democratic Congressman had shouted out something similar during one of Bush's speeches to Congress. Can you just hear the shrill screaming of the pundits on Fox News? Can you picture the volume of vitriol that would have been leveled at that Congressperson for defying decorum in such a rude manner? Every news outlet in America -- from the far, extreme right to the center right, which is as far as the spectrum goes in this country -- would have been calling for his head. The cacophony would have gone on for months, if not years. "He called the President a liar!" "How DARE he!" etc. etc. etc. Holy fucking shit, it would have been like throwing a truckload of raw red meat to a cage full of starving tigers.

Reportedly, Karl Rove on Fox News chuckled at the moment this evening.

How's that bipartisanship thing working out for you, Mr. President?
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