Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Nine Out of Ten Ain't Bad

Is anyone surprised anymore by anything Pat Robertson says? Now he's calling for the covert assassination of a leader of a sovereign nation, and where, oh where, is the outrage? His 700 Club supporters just nod their heads, say amen and write him checks. His pals in Congress and the White House grin and shake their heads, saying, oh, that's just Pat. You know, you can't take him too seriously, heh. Remember when he suggested that a small nuclear device be exploded in the Foggy Bottom area of DC, thus eliminating the State Department? Ha, that was a good one! How about asking God to kill off one or more Supreme Court justices a while back?

Maybe Pat should have a copy of the Ten Commandments posted in his office, with special emphasis, like bold, italicized lettering, for the one about killing.

And people actualy take this loon seriously?!?
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