Tuesday, September 13, 2005

World Turned Upside-Down

Which of the following is true?

1. Pigs are flying.

2. It's snowing in hell.

3. The Chicago Cubs will win the World Series this year.

4. Preznit No Accountability has actually accepted (some) responsibility for the slow response to the disaster along the Gulf Coast.

Unbelievably enough, it's number 4. Bush is scheduled to make a speech to the nation on Thursday evening, and it remains to be seen how much actual responsibility he takes for the disaster after the disaster, but this step alone is unprecedented in the nearly five years he's been in office. Not once before has he ever -- ever -- been held accountable or admitted to having made a mistake. Maybe his tanking poll numbers convinced Karl Rove and krewe to try to throw George on the mercy of the court nation.

What I'd like to see now are some exploding heads from those on the Republican side of the national divide who have steadfastly defended and apologized for their man in the face of mounting criticism. Now that he himself has admitted some responsiblity for the feds' inaction, what can these apologists have to say about their continued lies and spin and attempts to blame the victims?
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