Friday, October 21, 2005


Maybe it doesn't mean anything at all, but special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has set up a website today... wonder what he has on his mind? I'll bet it will make for some very interesting reading over the course of the next few months.

Most everyone who's been paying even the slightest bit of attention to the Plame case has to be wondering just how the whole thing is going to play out. Lots of indictments, or just a few, or none at all? One or two major people caught up in the machinations of the law, or a gang of minor players offered up as sacrificial lambs? We'll know soon, and the anticipation is unlike anything I've known since I was a six-year-old waiting for Christmas. The champagne is already on ice.

Another aspect of this whole thing is the speculation that Evil Dick Cheney will be asked -- or forced -- to remove himself from office before the whole thing blows over. Who will replace him if that happens? Already rumors are floating that it might be Condimelda Rice, or Rick "Man on Dog" Santorum, or... well, hell, I think the field is wide open. I can't imagine that if this really does come to pass that Preznit I (Heart) Torture will name anybody that I personally would want to see one heartbeat away from the Oval Office, though. That just won't happen, given his track record so far.

Maybe he'll go the Harriet Miers route and name his brother, Jeb. Or Neil, who I understand is not too terribly busy these days. Or Lump Laura. Or Jenna.

Whatever. All I want for Christmas is a bunch of corrupt Republicans behind bars.
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