Thursday, December 04, 2008

W Stands For "Worst"

Having read about and viewed some of the excerpts of Charlie Gibson's ABC interview with lame duck Preznit I Wish The Intelligence Had Been Better (so do we, George, so do we), there are two things that I can say with absolute, 100% guaranteed certainty about Bush's reign of terror and Republican administrations in America in general over the past forty years:

1. Republicans always fuck it up, and they fuck it up in monumental ways. They leave the country far worse off once their terms are over than it was before they gained office.

2. It's never their fault. Nothing is ever their fault. They will not accept blame for anything that they've done, no matter how blatant or obvious it is to everyone else.

The last decent Republican in the White House was Dwight Eisenhower, and by today's standards, most people would consider him a somewhat left-ish Democrat. He would certainly not fit into today's Republican party. The face of the Republican party now is George W. Bush, morphing into Sarah Palin. Can you imagine what a national disaster a Palin presidency would be? We might end up pining for the halcyon days of the second Bush debacle.

Think about it -- in his eight years in office, Bush has presided over (in some cases caused or exacerbated) four major disasters -- the 9/11 attacks, the Iraq War, the bungled response to hurricane Katrina, and now the financial meltdown -- any one of which would have been enough to relegate the person in the White House at the time as one of the worst presidents ever. He has four of these crises under his belt, and to say he has mismanaged them all is to engage in the most hyperbolic understatement ever. There is no question but that the country will be in much worse shape when he leaves office than it was when he was installed by a partisan Supreme Court in 2000.

The same could be said about Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Bush I, though not nearly on the same scale as the disastrous Bush the Lesser. He has taken incompetence and malpractice to new, unprecedented depths. He can't leave office soon enough. And his recent attempts at revisionism -- as witnessed by the Gibson interview, and recent comments by the evil Karl Rove -- just underscore how how very, very destructive his tenure was, and how much in need of whitewashing. However, to quote a well-known cliche, you can put lipstick on a pig, but...
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