Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Quote Of The Day

From RetroPolitics:

“The VA rep, obviously a talented and seasoned government professional, spent the next 20 minutes explaining the regulations and bureaucratic system for homeless veterans who dared to venture in the fox holes of VA services and housing. I think I’m getting old. Or at least after 13 years of fighting government bureaucracy for the sake of hurting people in our society, I’m losing patience. Years ago, I would have been diplomatic. Or even kept my mouth shut. For the sake of people I’m committed to helping. But on this day, I just couldn’t. My blood was boiling, my heart pounding. I kept looking down at my shoes, like I was in trouble with the principal. I just couldn’t look in the eyes of the rep. My heart and my head were heavy, hearing this gobbledygook. I felt sad. Not angry. Sad. So I bluntly interrupted her. I couldn’t control myself. “I’m sorry… I’ve been an executive of a homeless agency for over 13 years. I have a Master’s Degree, for God’s sakes,” I blurted out. Surprising her, and the rest of those around the table who know me as someone who is respectful. “What you are describing is completely confusing. Bewildering. If I—a homeless agency executive—have no idea how to navigate your system to get help, how in God’s sake will people who have been struggling on our streets for years figure out how to get your help?”

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