Friday, December 04, 2009

Dumbest Motherfuckers On The Planet

...and Sarah Palin is their Queen.

Seriously, the current crop of Teabaggers, Palinites, Dittoheads, Becksters, Freepers and the rest of what constitutes the majority of today's GOP would be laughably comic if they weren't so tragically scary and potentially powerful. They embrace Teh Stoopid with both arms and legs, glorify anti-intellectualism and wallow in ignorance. They don't know nothin' and they're damn proud of it. Being dumb as a fucking box of hammers is seen as a virtue to this crowd, with their Samuel the Joe Not a Plumber Wurzelbachers, their Shrill Michelles Malkin and Bachmann, their Boehners and Cantors and McConnells and Inhofes, their Savages and Coulters and Hannitys and O'Reillys. Every time you think the bar of imbecility cannot possibly be set any lower, along comes something like this video -- which proves, once again, that yes, it sure as hell can. And will.


Dog, if only there were a cure for stupid...

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