Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hiking On Kauai

My good friend Dave has asked me to put up a link to this site he's set up with pictures and accounts of his recent trip to Kauai, the Garden Isle of Hawai'i, and the hikes he and his wife took with another couple there. In his own words, here's a description of what you'll find there:

"For the terminally bored or those interested in hiking on Kauai in the future, I submit to you a humble link at which you will find photos of the recent sojourn that Karol and I made with another couple in August. There aren't many photos, I promise, but there is additional, possibly useful information for those interested in the hiking possibilities Kauai has to offer, including GPS-produced maps and stats of each hike. There is also a small section of non-traditional travel photos, which some might call 'art shots,' and others might call 'waste of good pixels' (no film was harmed in the production of this website)."

He's hoping to get a large number of hits there for Google purposes, so if all of you loyal readers (are there more than four of you?) will be so kind as to click on the link at least once, I'd sure appreciate it, and so will Dave. And without coercion or fear of reprisal, I can say that, having seen them myself, the pictures really are very good and the information is, uh, informative.
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