Friday, October 07, 2005

My Name is W

My good friend Dan Kemp sent me an email this morning that I thoroughly enjoyed, and wanted to share some of it with you, my faithful readers. Dan writes:

This whole business with Miers being nominated for the Supreme Court has left
me just speechless. It seems that it left the Democratic leadership speechless as well.
I think in this case it may have worked to our benefit. The first people to stand up
and note what a truly bad idea it is to have a non-judge being the final word on this
country's laws are the conservative zealots who have been Bush's bedrock supporters.

It's that moment when someone says something so asinine that everyone stops talking
and there is a long silence when everyone feels uncomfortable and embarrassed. And
in this case it's covered by the world news media.

It feels like we are in this mirror world where real life has imitated popular culture.

Open on title card:

My Name is W

W is sitting in the oval office reading "President of the United States for Dummies."
Tom DeLay sits across the desk looking anxious.

Well it doesn't say anything in here about a Supreme Court judge needs to be a judge.

They probably left it out because they assumed the reader would understand that part.
Like instructing someone to open the door before leaving the room.

There's nothing in here about opening a door either.

It was just an ironic example of not having to state the obvious. Never mind George.
I came here to talk to you about that political action committee I've been running out
of the Mail Boxes and More on 16th St. Do you remember?

(audience laughs)

Sure you remember. Texans for Honest Government.

Is that another ironic example of... What did you call it?
(audience laughs)

Stating the obvious. Remember George, we talked about the bad laws that we need
to change in Texas.

I used to be Governor of Texas.
(audience laughs and applauds)

Yes George, I know. Please try and focus. Remember we talked about making things
right with the world. And I would help pay for it with my good idea.

Yes. God told me to make things right with the world.
(audience applauds, there is a smattering of "praise Jesus" and "hallelujah.")

Tom DeLay slowly shakes his head with his face buried in his hands.

Cut to commercial.
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