Wednesday, October 18, 2006

It's October, Do You Know Where Your Surprise Is?

The internets are buzzing with rumors, and I admit, I don't think Karl Rove has pulled all his aces out of his sleeve yet. Something is going to happen, and soon. Maybe in the next week. Preznit Temper Tantrum refuses to even acknowledge the possibility of Democrats taking back the House or Senate in the coming elections, and maybe he knows something we don't. Whether it's more Diebold shenanigans or something even more sinister (like an unprovoked military attack on one of our aircraft carriers, for instance), no one can say.

There is a Naval task force headed to the Persian Gulf as I write this, and I have to wonder if Turd Blossom and his pals are really willing to sacrifice the men and women on one of those ships to ensure a Republican victory (and a long-desired war with Iran) next month. Are we all just misguided conspiracy theorists for thinking this? Is it still paranoia if they really are out to get you?
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