Monday, February 19, 2007

A Gathering Of BARBARians

It's been far too long since our local group 0f bloggers and associates has gotten together -- I believe the last official gathering was in November, right after the elections -- so Tom Hilton, proprietor of If I Ran the Zoo, has called for a meeting of not only the minds but the bodies as well. I'm seconding the motion, and our esteemed colleague, Scaramouche, assures us that the horned hat will be on display as a beacon to all those who want to participate. I encourage all of my readers who can to join us this Saturday afternoon, Feb.24, at Zeitgeist, located at 199 Valencia (just a couple blocks below Market Street) in San Francisco. Let's hoist a few beers and talk about news and politics and pretty much anything except Anna Nicole Smith, please.
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