Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Betrayed And Disgusted

What the hell were the 2006 elections all about? Wasn't that supposed to be some kind of accountability moment, a chance to elect a Democratic majority who would counter the long string of abuses and civil liberty curtailments that marked the Worst Presidency Ever and his gang of Congressional sycophants? The American people wanted some checks and balances in their government after six years of "Do whatever the hell you please, Kings Dick 'n' George." We wanted an opposition party to stem the Republican stampede over the Bill of Rights. We wanted some Senators and Congressmen and -women with the will to stand up to an unpopular president and his costly, illegal and immoral war -- not to mention his destructive and rapacious domestic policies. We wanted a check, a balance, some sense of order restored to the federal government. So what did we get? By all accounts, we got Republican-Lite. We got a spineless, cowardly band of Democrats who are so afraid of a dim-bulb, power-grabbing 30% popular jingoist, that every time he shouts "Terror! Jump!" they meekly whisper, "Yes sir!" and "How high?"

They caved on the war in Iraq. They gave him everything he wanted, essentially shutting up, bending over and handing him the Vaseline when he whined about their wimpy talk of a non-binding resolution. And now they've cravenly given in to his wish to gut the FISA restrictions on domestic wiretapping, just handed him the keys to the nation's privacy and said, "Here, go ahead and gut the Fourth Amendment, we trust you to do the right thing." Not only did they take away any accountability for the White House, but who is now in charge of preventing abuses in the act? The Attorney General, Little Abu Gonzales. Are you fucking kidding me? The man is not only a proven, serial liar and spectacularly incompetent at his job, but he is the King of All Toadies, a sycophant's sycophant and the one guy at DoJ who absolutely believes that there is no difference whatsoever in being the U.S. Attorney General and being George W. Bush's personal attorney.

Excuse me, Democrats, but WTF? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ALL OF YOU?!? This is not what we elected you to do. This is not what we spent money, time and effort attempting to achieve. If we had wanted you to go along with every Constitution-busting wish that comes out of Dick Cheney's ass the White House, we would have just elected the goddamn Republicans again! Criminey. Readers -- are you more inclined now to send money to the DSCC or to any Democratic candidate who vows to "fight the Republicans"? I'm sure as hell not. I want to see them fight the fucking Republicans now, when it matters.

Patrick Radden Keefe in Slate (h/t to Steve H. for the link) has a rant about this situation that will make your blood run cold. Here is the first paragraph, but I urge you to read the whole thing:

In an editorial last year, the New York Times likened the Bush administration's efforts to retroactively make its warrantless wiretapping program legal, to a person caught speeding who persuades the legislature to raise the speed limit. The new surveillance bill President Bush signed into law Sunday takes this analogy to its logical extreme: Where government surveillance is concerned, the new law eliminated speed limits altogether. The infrastructure this nation established following Watergate to govern domestic spying has died many little deaths in the years since 9/11. But Sunday was the last sequel in a tired series. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is now dead, and it's never coming back.

I am disgusted, disgusted and betrayed. It probably won't mean much, but has a petition you can sign expressing your feelings about this travesty. Good fucking luck.
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