Wednesday, August 01, 2007

More Right-Wing Idiocy

(Is that title redundant?)

With a tip of the Generik cap to The Editors over at The Poor Man Institute (who, rumor has it, will be in attendance at tonight's BARBARian get-together), I'd like to point out this hilariously shrill screed by one Kaye Grogan about the soon-to-come dissolution of the United States and our absorption into some huge, amorphous Meso-Canadian-American-One-World-Kumbaya-Brothers-And-Sisters state. Ms. Grogan, it seems, has an even bigger hard-on for illegal immigration and the pollution of pure American society by the mud races and terrorist-loving Canucks than noted xenophobe Lou Dobbs. But what really got me laughing was the title of her rant: "Smoking mirrors... or a real firestorm?"

Say what?!? Smoking mirrors? Oh, for yikes. Honey, the phrase is "smoke AND mirrors," not... oh, hell, why bother? Regect illiteracy, Kaye, and just accept that you're a fucking moran.
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