Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Brief Revival Of Wednesday Joementum Blogging

The invaluable Glenn Greenwald has the scoop on Harry Reid's claims that "Joe Lieberman votes with us on everything except the war," and exposes it for the bald-faced lie it is. Why the Dems haven't jettisoned Turncoat Joe (this year's Zell Miller) long ago, I have no idea. The droning war-lover actually plans on speaking at the fucking Republican convention this summer!

After listing a number of votes that Lieberman cast with the wingnut side of the Senate, Greenwald has this to say:

Obviously, Reid's repeated claim that Lieberman "votes with us on everything, except the war" is demonstrably false. But when he repeatedly makes that claim, I don't think Reid is consciously lying. It's just that, in Harry Reid's world (and in the world of the Democratic leadership generally), things like warrantless eavesdropping, the abolition of habeas corpus, telecom amnesty, the corrupt politicization of the Justice Department, chronic lying under oath, and the legalization of torture just don't exist. They don't matter. They're non-issues. And that is precisely why those radical, destructive measures are continuously permitted -- approved and endorsed -- by the Reid-led, Democratic-controlled Senate.
I suggest you read the whole article, though, and see just how far out of the mainstream -- and how far away from what Democratic politics should encompass -- Joementum is these days.
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