Friday, October 24, 2008

More On Palin

Speaking of Sarah Palin and humor -- as the post prior to this one does -- at lunch today, I overheard some women in the cafeteria talking about television shows and such, and one woman made the comment, "Every time I see Sarah Palin now, I laugh. I can't help it."

This, I think, is probably the clearest sign of doom for the Republican ticket there is. Because it's one thing for Winky the GILF to be underqualified, overmatched, ethically-challenged, dumber than George Bush and Dan Quayle (she's too stupid to know she's stupid), unclear on the Constitution and the duties of the office she seeks to occupy and just plain mean -- all that can be overcome in this country, and elections have been won by far too many people who have embodied all those qualities and worse. But she has become something that voters will not support: a punchline; a laughingstock; a joke. She's a parody of herself. She's Tina Fey or Sara Benincasa, and no matter how much she tries to get in on the joke, it's already too late. She can try to laugh with us, but she'll never truly understand why we're laughing at her.
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