Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So What The Fuck?

Getting back to George Bush and the thrown shoes and subsequent fallout from that incident, this bit from an ABC interview about his recent trip to Iraq has me wishing I was within throwing distance of Preznit Duck 'n' Cover myself -- and that I was wearing heavy shoes with shit on the heels:

The remark "So what?" perfectly encapsulates just how completely oblivious the man is to the damage he has done to this country -- and the world -- in his eight years in office. His is an evil born of monumental incompetence, disregard and an utter inability to empathize with other human beings. He just doesn't fucking care. "So what" if thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been killed and wounded as a direct result of his disastrous, deceitful and disingenuous policies? "So what" if the world community holds America, and especially its current leader, in contempt? "So what" if he has spent the last eight years lying to Congress and the public and breaking laws with impunity? "So what" if much of the Constitution has been rendered null and void under his watch?

Regarding the shoe incident, there are many -- including even Rachel Maddow, for whom I otherwise have great respect -- who say that it is an insult to the US, that even if we dislike and disagree with George W. Bush, he is still the president and figurehead of this nation, and that the action of Muntadar al-Zeidi is one that we should condemn. I contend that the office of the president was long ago sullied and besmirched by Bush himself, and that he not only earned those thrown shoes but a lot more. The man is a war criminal, plain and simple. He has committed numerous high crimes and misdemeanors while in office, and deserves to have shoes thrown at him wherever he goes.

In fact, forget about shoes -- if there were any real justice, the World Court -- hell, the United States Congress and DOJ -- would be throwing the book at him. Instead of heading toward a leisurely retirement cutting brush in Crawford, he should right now be facing a long stretch in Leavenworth, if not the end of a swinging rope.

"Yeah? So what?"

So fuck you, George Bush. Consider this my shoe aimed at your face.
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