Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Day We've All Been Waiting For

I'm still pinching myself. I'm still not sure it's really true, though by all appearances it is. George W. Bush is no longer the president... wait a minute, I think I have to say that again, with a little more emphasis:


...and Barack Hussein Obama, the first African-American president in our history, has been sworn into office. Our long national nightmare, as Gerald Ford once (incorrectly) said, is over. Bush and Cheney are out of office. There was no October surprise, no unexpected declaration of martial law and subsequent suspension of the election, no last-minute machinations in an attempt to hold onto power for just a few days or months or years longer. There was an orderly transition, a return of the reins of our country to its citizens. There is no doubt that we have a monumentally huge job ahead of us trying to clean up the mess that the Republicans have left for us, but for today, at least, let's celebrate.

Today I lift my glass to Barack Obama, and toast with all of you. Today, we celebrate. *clink!*
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