Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Moron The Bush Legacy

Dan Froomkin of The Washington Post has a huge compilation of opinions on what the Bush Legacy will be at The Bush Verdict Is In. Check it out, there are some great quotes and lots and lots of links.

On a related but somewhat different note, and just because it's easier for me to write this now, rather than start a whole new post, I have to convey some of the thoughts I've had over the past week watching Bush's whiny, self-pitying press conference and Sarah Palin's fucking up her softball "documentary" interview with a right-wing radio comedian, then complaining that she was taken "out of context." What is it with Republicans, that they drool over idiots like these two? Why do they admire them, praise them, think that they can and should be the people who lead this country? Every time I hear Sarah Palin talk, all I can think is, "What a dunce. What a dope. What a dunderhead." Every time I hear George Bush mangle syntax and display, once again, his delusional obliviousness to the world around him, all I can think is, "What an imbecile. What an idiot. What a fucking moron." The two of them together couldn't lay claim to a triple-digit IQ. They are, each of them, incurious, vacuous chowderheads with no sense of self or reality.

And yet, there is a hard-core cadre of True Believers who will go to their graves believing that Bush and Palin represent the best their party has to offer; that the two are brave, honest, intelligent and principled, and that, were it not for the evil machinations of the "liberal media," the rest of America would also recognize their brilliance and their statesmanship and worship them as well. I honestly cannot fathom this kind of thinking. Are these people simply stupid themselves, too dumb to recognize the lack of intellect when it's put directly in front of them? Or is it something else?

Because seriously, I'd like to know.
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