Monday, April 06, 2009

Some Changes I Can't Believe In

As most of you know, I voted for Obama for president. I'm happy that America has made a change away from the disastrous course that Republicans had set us on for the past eight years (actually more like 30, counting Reagan-Bush, and assuming -- as I do -- that Bill Clinton was decidedly more R than D in his administration of triangulation). He's done a number of things that needed to be done, and that I approve, not least of which are restoring our standing in the eyes of the world and renouncing torture as a policy (still need to bring those who perpetrated that policy to justice, though).

However -- and this, I think is a large part of what separates left-wingers from right-wingers; we are more than willing to criticize those in power who are ostensibly on our side, unlike the GOP stalwarts marching in lockstep with every disastrous policy The Worstest Li'l Preznit EVAR proposed -- this is not acceptable to me. Not at all. We, as a nation, soundly rejected the Bush administration and its policies, including the secretive, illegal, Constitution-defying practice of wiretapping American citizens. Why, then, is the Obama DOJ defending the indefensible by seeking to dismiss lawsuits challenging this practice? Why are they continuing to use the tortured logic of the Bush administration in claiming that any disclosure of this policy would cause "grave harm" to our national security? Um, dude, WTF?

I realize that this shouldn't -- and doesn't -- come as a complete surprise, given that Obama the Senator voted for the gutting of FISA that the Bush administration supported. Still... what is the point now, when the majority of Americans oppose this policy, and would be extremely gratified and supportive to see it eliminated? Honestly, I don't get it.

You know what else I don't get with this new administration? The continuation of Bush bailout policies that favor the rich and screw you and me and anyone else without a trust fund and a home in the Hamptons. You know, this bullshit. Why? Why, Mr. Obama, why?
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