Thursday, March 31, 2005

No Fecal Matter, Mr. Holmes

Here's a real eye-opening, ground-breaking, earth-shattering, mind-boggling, something-else-cliched-ing report: the intelligence on Iraq prior to our invasion there was "dead wrong." Gosh. Color me shocked. Shocked!

Of course, rather than admit that they were the biggest part of the problem by insisting that anyone who disagreed with their preconceived view be shuffled ignominiously out of sight and out of hearing range, the Bush maladministration is taking this occasion to point fingers at their own intelligence-gathering departments and saying, "See? See? They're the ones responsible for the bad intel, not us!" The fact that everyone from Bush and Cheney and Rummy and Condi and Colin on down were parroting the whole "mushroom cloud" worst-case scenario theory and alleged al Qaida ties to whip up a jingoistic frenzy of patriotic hatred is conveniently forgotten with the release of this report. Instead, the White House and its media lapdogs focus on the idea that the intelligence community needs to be overhauled, so that it can work together on gathering information and present a united front to those in charge and to the public. That's probably true in one respect -- the intelligence community probably could use some shaking up, and should coordinate with one another about information received and how to interpret it. But to use that fact to somehow absolve the Bush cabal of their deliberate and heinous effort to sway the public and Congress with lies and rumors and half-truths is just ludicrous.

There was plenty of good information available before the bombs began to fall, and more was coming in as long as the US allowed the weapons inspectors to keep doing their jobs. Other countries, notably France and Germany, were unswayed by Bush's Chicken Little act. Millions of people worldwide were against the prospect of our troops going into Iraq. But the collective White House mind was made up, and no facts were going to stop them. They wanted their bloody damn war, and by god, they were going to get it, come hell or high water.

Well, they got it, all right, in spades. The Iraqis responded as any citizenry would at having their sovereign nation invaded, and the bloodshed continues to this day, with no end in sight. At the president's request, they brought it on.

Are you happy now, you incompetent, bloodthirsty chickenhawk bastard?
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