Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Get Real Representation

Over at The Agonist, there's an open letter to the National Press Club regarding their plan to present a panel on the scandal of cock-headed man-whore Jim-Jeff Gannon-Guckert and the similarities and differences between journalists and bloggers. On the panel will be the discredited Jim-Jeff himself, Ana Marie Cox of Wonkette and Congress Daily's John Stanton. While we have the utmost respect for Ms. Cox and enjoy her delightful blog full of gossip and anal sex references, we don't feel she really represents liberal bloggers as well as so many other major players might.

The letter at The Agonist, drafted by contributor Sean-Paul Kelley, asks that the Press Club allow the left-wing side of the blogosphere to be heard, namely in the person of John Aravosis from AMERICAblog.com. If any of you readers -- especially those of you who are also bloggers -- are interested in signing on to this request, click here and ask to have your name added to the list. Isn't it time that REAL liberal voices be heard by the So-Called Liberal Media?

***Update: Apparently there's no longer a need for this letter. As of Tuesday, Matthew Yglesias has been added to the panel.

***FURTHER Update: Okay, now there's a new letter up. Check it out. Sean-Paul still wants John Aravosis (or someone more directly involved in breaking the Gannon story) on the panel.
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