Saturday, March 26, 2005

I'm Rubber, You're Glue

Paperwight put up an excellent post last week that garnered quite a few comments about the practice of name-calling in the blogosphere. Specifically, he mentioned using the word "Rethuglican" for Republican, a crime which we here at The Generik Brand have been guilty of numerous times. There are other examples, and we freely admit to having been one of the worst offenders in that area in the past. But he makes a good point, one that has been made before (by commenter Pete, aka Buffoon, for one), that in sinking to this level, one detracts from the argument at hand and wins no converts.

I have to say I'm torn on the subject. I mostly agree with his basic premise, and I realize that many people will not take seriously any screed decrying all Republicans as liars and thieves and fascist theocrats (especially when the words used are even more harsh and inflammatory); on the other hand, I do enjoy the viciousness and bite that accompanies such epithet-laden rants as are found on The Rude Pundit and other attack sites, and admit to wanting to emulate that scorched-earth, take-no-prisoners approach from time to time.

So I'll have to consider this some more. Keeping all my posts aboveboard and serious and heartfelt is a noble goal, but trying to make people laugh or shock them has never been beneath me. I would very much appreciate any comments those of you reading this might have on the subject.

Actually, I look forward to bringing this up as a group discussion next time we get together at a BARBARian beer bust. When might we expect that to happen, hmmm (he said, glancing over at Scaramouche and Simbaud)?
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