Sunday, March 20, 2005

New Blogger On The Block

Here's something that hardly ever happens: someone actually took my advice.

My pal Joel, who wrote the two letters featured in the post A Man of Letters, below, has started up his own blog. He calls it Dyerama, and promises only to post when he's imbibing. Spectacular! It's like a late-night phone call from a drunken ex-boyfriend in blog form!

Actually, it's much better than that (and he has already broken his promise once to post -- *gasp!* -- sober). He can get a real good rant on when he feels the urge, and he apparently feels the urge pretty often.

So I urge you, my reader(s), to go and check it out, now and often. Because there's always room for another blog in the blogosphere, right? To Joel, I just want to say welcome to the neighborhood. Nice to have you aboard, and be prepared to now give up all of what was previously your free time. Write on, bro!
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