Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Fakery, Quackery, Jiggery-Pokery

Good article this past weekend in the NY Times (reprinted in the SF Chronicle and other papers) regarding the ongoing (and highly illegal) practice of Bozo the Preznit's White House churning out fake news videos pushing the administration's extreme agenda in matters such as Social Security, airport safety, the "success" of the mission in Iraq and more. The fact that the non-partisan Government Accountability Office has let them know in no uncertain terms that this practice is not just unethical but also against the law apparently matters not a whit to them. White House lawyers have advised government agency heads responsible for producing these videos to ignore the GAO's memos. As far as the White House is concerned, creating and disseminating propaganda on the taxpayers' dime is just hunky-dory, and everyone who disagrees should just shut the hell up.

And that's exactly what it is, folks -- propaganda. Taxpayer-funded propaganda, trying (and in many cases succeeding) to get you, me and every other John and Jane Q. Public out there to buy into their bullshit schemes and extreme policies that benefit the wealthy and the large corporations at the expense of poor and middle-income Americans.

But really, what can you expect from this arrogant, ideologically-driven gang riding roughshod over the Constitution, denying information and essential, guaranteed freedoms and rights to the public at large and laughing all the way? No one yet has been able to hold them accountable, why should they think that's going to change any time soon? This, after all, is the same group that ridiculed those of us who live in what they termed the "reality-based community" and gave us the fake journalist and Republican shill, cock-headed man-whore Jim-Jeff. Their regard for honesty, ethics and accountability is about as high as their regard for the poor, the sick, the elderly and military veterans -- which is to say, with about as much affection as they might have for a wet, steaming turd on their coffee table. And as long as the corporate-owned Republicans (and their similarly-funded toadying Democratic allies, like Joementum Lieberman and Coors-Lite Salazar and friends) hold majorities in both houses of Congress and pack the judiciary, there'll be no investigations, no subpoenas, no cries of foul at the blatantly illegal practices that the Bush Gang continue to engage in. They will go on their merry way, screwing the poor to benefit the rich and lying about it all the way.

One thing we can do right now is to click over to this site and sign the petition they're sending to the FCC and the Justice Department. Stop fake news!

***Update: Eric Boehlert on has a good piece up today about this government-created, taxpayer-funded propaganda and the DOJ's bewildering response to the GAO's memos.
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