Thursday, March 10, 2005

Live Nude Blogging!

Here we are at Pacific Coast Brewing Company, bloggers gathered in the meat world, and boy, can we drink beer. For the moment, we all still have our clothes on. Angy from Ang's Weird Ideas just propositioned Fyrste from Suckful, PSH from Suckful is explaining about St. Patrick, Shystee from Shystee is listening to Chuck from Belisarius Blogs and Hal from Hellblazer and Paperwight from Paperwight's Fair Shot, while Stephen from itlookslikethis and Richard from Scaramouche critique Stephen's dinner.

Man, this is exciting!

Ang wants me to mention that she's single, available horny and very gorgeous, and she has yet to slip me any money to say that.

I'm going to leave this open for a while (like as long as my battery holds out); if anyone out there is reading this and wants to comment in real time, please do so now!
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