Friday, April 08, 2005


Also available today at Media Matters is one of the funniest video clips I've seen since the early days of Saturday Night Live. It's a brief clip showing "highlights" of vain and vapid cock-headed man-whore Jim-Jeff Gannon-Guckert in his appearance today at the National Press Club, and it is truly a scream. This guy is just bound and determined to sink deeper and deeper into shit with every step he takes. He would need a team of Pinkerton detectives and the staff of the FBI and CIA accompanying him to even begin to find a clue. Really, it's hilarious! He should start doing stand-up.

(Actually, if he had a lick of sense, he'd crawl into a hole somewhere and pull a big rock over the top of it for a long, long time -- but it's already been determined that, while he may have a "lick," it has nothing to do with sense of any kind.)
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