Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Quote of the Day

From yesterday's Fort Bend/Southwest Sun (out of Houston, TX), Tom DeLay, the Bug Killing Dwarf King himself:

"'We have unaccountable, out of control judiciary. We are after them,' DeLay said. 'The Constitution gives us (Congress) the responsibility to create courts. If we can create them, we can uncreate them,' he said."

Thus Tom the Bomb blithely reveals the real strategy behind Congressional Republicans getting involved in the Terri Schiavo case -- a bold and blatant attempt to significantly weaken the federal judiciary. Apparently holding only two branches of government by the short hairs is not enough for the fascist theocrats who have taken over the Republican party; they want all three of them to march in lockstep (or goose step, if you prefer). With the deep pockets that corporate contributors and the very wealthy provide the RNC, a largely uninformed and apathetic public -- or worse, people who imagine themselves informed because they watch FOX News and listen to Rush -- in other words, the chumps -- and a complicit media, it's extremely possible that this stealth attack on the judicial system will ultimately be successful. So-called "activist" judges -- even Republican-appointed, conservative Christian ones -- who have the temerity to uphold the Constitution while ruling against the wishes of the neocons and the theocrats will be impeached (or worse, murdered), and a litmus test the likes of which have rarely, if ever, been seen before will guide the legislators charged with appointing replacements that will ensure that only the most extreme judges, the ones who are willing to subvert the law of the land for the one-party rule of the Jesus-lovers, will sit on the federal benches. The threat to dismantle the rules of the filibuster in the Senate is another part of this overall strategy. This is a path that, if followed, could result in the ultimate destruction of this nation as we know it. Once those extremist judges are in place -- or, conversely, once the legislature has taken away the power of the courts to rule on whether or not the other two branches of the government are acting in accord with the Constitution -- there's nothing left to stop the DeLays and the Frists and the Lotts and the Bushes from turning America into Jesusland.

Thanks to all you red-state residents of Dumbfuckistan for putting these wheels in motion. Hope you have your Bibles handy to protect you when it happens.
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