Friday, April 01, 2005

Before I Die

Speaking of Living Wills (as Paperwight did in the post just below this one), over at the Mahablog there's a doozy. There are ten points to it, including these:

2. If Randall Terry comes within three miles of my hospital bed, shoot him.

3. If Randall Terry survives the shooting, please dress him in an ugly-ass hospital gown and send the photo to Faux Nooz.

4. The following objects are not to be permitted anywhere near my home or hospice: Giant styrofoam spoons; bowling pins, especially if juggled; video or film cameras; clowns and/or politicians. If such persist in hanging around, perhaps a display of Randall Terry's head on a pike will discourage them. Worth a try.

I like where Maha's going with this. I'll feel so much better shuffling off this mortal coil if I know Randall Terry's head is safely displayed on a pike somewhere.
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