Friday, April 01, 2005

What He Said

Paperwight has got a great idea in the latest post at his site: a letter that the Democrats should put up at their official site (but, unfortunately, probably won't, as a result of that, whaddayacallit, lack of a functioning spine thing). This just makes so much sense; someone is missing a bet if this doesn't get spread far and wide and adopted by the DNC ASAP.

Here's the bulk of the post, for those of you too lazy to click the link (and no offense to you for your inertia!):

If I had any pull with the Democratic Party leadership, I'd advise them to put up a page at which said substantially this:

The Democratic Party is deeply saddened by the personal tragedy of Terri Schiavo, her husband, and her family, and even more saddened by the transformation of personal tragedy into political football by the Republican leadership.  The Democratic Party believes that personal matters should stay personal, and that no politicians in Washington or any state capitol should interfere in any American's personal decisions concerning the gravest matters.

We are committed to ensuring that the personal decisions of Americans are respected, and free from interference.  To that end, the Democratic Party has assembled form Living Wills for each and every location in the United States.  To download one for your location, click on the link below for the state or other location in which you live.

[links to Advance Directives for all 50 States, DC, and the Territories]

The Democratic Party:  We Support Your Right To Decide

I'd link to that page front and center on the DNC home page, then take out blogads (they're cheap) and let the Air America / Democracy Radio teams know about the web page.

I think that's brilliant. As I've asked a number of times recently: Are you listening, Democrats?
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