Thursday, August 25, 2005

Onward Christian Assassins

So it would appear at first glance that Rev'runt Pat Robertson has apologized for his intemperate remarks about assassinating Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Of course, if you look a little closer, you discover that what he has actually done is taken a page from the Rush Limbaugh CYA School of Newspeak, by denying that he said what actually he said, and expressing regret that the media and the public may have taken the remarks that he really didn't say and didn't mean that way anyway out of context.

In the course of his "apology" he also referred to Chavez as a "strong-arm dictator," ignoring the fact that the people of Venezuela fairly elected him twice (which is more than our own strong-arm dictator can say), and by a larger margin than Pat's Preznit got here in America.

Then there's this post over at Ishbadiddle explaining the whole thing in quite another context... (thanks to UnReal Fred for that).
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