Thursday, September 01, 2005

Wrong-Wing Smears

Good column today from Bonnie Erbe on the Republican penchant for smearing all those who dare to disagree with them. It's disgusting to see the lengths that the current band of Rovians and their defenders will go to discredit and demonize anyone with the temerity to hold an opinion different from theirs.

"The cacophony is growing louder as the public catches on. Last week, archconservative columnist George Will (that decorated, battle-scarred soldier) compared (Cindy) Sheehan to a car wreck by the side of the road -- sad, he said, yet riveting. Whoo! You know they're scared when they get that personal and that nasty.

It gets better. Charles Krauthammer went on that oh-so-liberal media outlet, Fox News Channel, and said Sheehan's Crawford protest in behalf of her son -- who was killed in Iraq -- is 'hurting our troops and endangering our troops.' He accused her of 'libeling America' (as if a nation could be libeled and a bereaved mother possessed that kind of power) and emboldening her enemies. Wow! She must be a lot tougher than she looks.

Are Americans witnessing a pattern here?

Anytime the Bush presidency (or the wrong-wingers, for that matter) is in big trouble, beastly, malodorous rumors start to spread about the wrong-wingers' nemeses. Nauseating nuggets of discrediting personal information seep out of the mud. Have you noticed?..."

Good stuff. Check it out.
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