Monday, August 29, 2005

Let Their People Go

My good friend Eric the DiscoBoy forwards this link to a story about a group of ultra-right wing fundamentalist Christians who want to take over the government one county at a time. They're calling themselves Christian Exodus, and they have plans to move by the thousands to a couple of small counties in South Carolina, where they hope to elect people beholden to their radical beliefs and ultimately provoke a "constitutional crisis." Whether they expect the Supreme Court to then rule in their favor and allow the US to become a full-fledged theocracy or rule against them and give them cause to secede from the Union is unclear; but either way, they honestly believe that they are going to force the government's hand on the matter.

Personally, I say let them go, let them have South Carolina (and North Carolina, too, for that matter). I'd rather have all those idiots in one place, where we can keep a watchful eye on them, and observe the inevitable implosion that will result from their attempts at creating a Taliban-style state.

(Not that I really believe they'll be successful... but wouldn't it be nice to think that all the fundies who are now your and my neighbors would soon be packing up and moving away? Of course, if you actually live in South Carolina now -- hello, Joe Nance! -- you might not think this is such a swell idea.)
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