Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Come On, Have A Drink!

As you already know if you've looked at the BARBARian Blog or seen some of the comments I've left on various other sites lately, it's once again time for the Bay Area Resident Bloggers And Readers to gather and jaw and hoist a few. Thursday, October 19, is the scheduled date, and we'll start gathering about 6-ish. Our first meeting was nearly two years ago, and we're returning to the original scene of the crime, Ben & Nick's in Oakland. Or is it Berkeley? Where am I? What's today?

Anyhow, if you take BART to the Rockridge exit and stumble around for a block or so, you'll probably find us. For more specific directions and information, check out this post on the BARBARian site. Hope to see some new faces there, as well as lots of the usual suspects!
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