Friday, August 10, 2007

Questions Without Answers

From my friend lil_amish, who is affiliated with the law firm mentioned here in a way that I choose not to mention at this time:

National Public Radio, July 31, 2007 — Boston partner Sabin Willett was featured on the National Public Radio program “Talk of the Nation” and discussed the future of several men imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay. Bingham McCutchen represents several Guantanamo detainees on a pro bono basis. “Somebody in Pakistan collected $5,000 to turn in a foreigner to the U.S. By the time the U.S. had him in possession, it was easier to just ship him over to Gitmo than make a decision to release him,” Willett said. He added, the repeated description of these men, all members of the Uighur community, a Chinese minority, as “terror suspects” has seriously impeded their case. “[Our clients] are congratulated on their innocence four years ago . . . and they’re still [at Guantanamo] this afternoon. Why? Because no one else will take them,” Willett said. “If you are really serious about emptying out the hundreds of absurd cases at Guantanamo, you would take a few here in the U.S. so that our allies could support us. But until that happens, you're going to have the roadblock that exists at the base right now.” Willett said he is disappointed that more congressman and senators are not concerned by the situation at Guantanamo. “When did we become such a puny nation that we can't take responsibility for our own mistakes? These people that have been determined not to be a threat to anyone, they need to be released,” Willett said. To listen to the entire interview click here.
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