Thursday, September 27, 2007

Horseshit From A Leading Chickenhawk

Unable to serve in the Vietnam War, which he supported and still defends, because of an anal cyst, fascist radio gasbag and noted chickenhawk defender of the Bush maladministration Rush Limbaugh has recently accused military personnel serving in Iraq who don't support the illegal war there of being "phony soldiers."

That's right -- from the comfort of his plush radio booth, the fat-assed coward with the penchant for fine cigars, Viagra and Oxycontin has the unmitigated gall to slander decent men and women in our armed forces who have the courage to speak out against the travesty over there, simply because they disagreee with his propaganda, and with the official Republican position that the war is "winnable" and a "just and noble cause." This kind of smear is simply disgusting, and all the more so because it will get virtually no play in the so-called "mainstream media." While the ad calling General Petraeus General Betray Us gets a fucking official condemnation from a cowed Congress, Rush and his chickenhawk brethren are free to impugn the patriotism of anyone who dares to disagree with them or question the wisdon of attacking and occupying a sovereign nation that had not attacked us first and was no threat to our nation. Tell me again how the fucking Republicans are the party that "supports the troops;" I need a good laugh.
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