Friday, September 28, 2007

Recent Photos

Just a few pictures taken while I was on vacation last week and the week before...

We spent the first week at our favorite spot up in the eastern Sierra, Twin Lakes.
The water in Robinson Creek was much lower than usual.
The eastern edge of California is really 180° different than the coast in many, many ways.
This is the trailer that was attached to the truck sporting that bumper sticker.
My new nephew at 6 months. Ain't he handsome?
The second week I spent a few days in Southern California, visiting another of my old haunts, the L. A. County Fair.
"No, I feel fine. I never get sick on these rides. Really. Fine, I'm fine..."
I would be remiss if I didn't include some black & white stuff.
Couple on the Midway; perhaps my favorite shot from the Fair.
Back in San Francisco, cruising Mission Street with my pals from Fresno. Here is the entrance to the Dark Room Theater.
On display in a thrift shop along Mission. You can also buy Mexican wrestler masks in this store. Another of my new favorite photos.
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