Friday, October 05, 2007

Asked And Answered

Good job, readers. You got all but two in this week's quiz, and Eric the DB identified the theme right away (war, unrest, insurrection, armed conflict, etc.). Here are the answers, and thanks to all who participated:

1. In an upstairs room in Blackpool, by the side of a northern sea, the Army had my father and my mother was having me. Military Madness; Graham Nash

2. Heard of a van that is loaded with weapons, packed up and ready to go. Heard of some gravesites, out by the highway, a place where nobody knows. Life During Wartime; Talking Heads

3. He looked a lot like Che Guevara, drove a diesel van. Kept his gun in quiet seclusion, such a humble man. Panic In Detroit; David Bowie

4. I can't believe the news today, oh, I can't close my eyes and make it go away. Sunday, Bloody Sunday; U2

5. Don't start me talking, I could talk all night. My mind goes sleepwalking while I'm putting the world to right. Oliver's Army; Elvis Costello

6. Tin soldiers and Nixon coming, we're finally on our own. This summer I hear the drumming... Ohio; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

7. Look what's happening out in the street, got a revolution, got to revolution... Volunteers; Jefferson Airplane

8. He blesses the boys as they stand in line. The smell of gun grease and the bayonets they shine... Sky Pilot; Eric Burdon & The Animals

9. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight... I've got my clipboad, text books, lead me to the station, yeah, I'm off to the civil war... Slip Kid; The Who

10. Here comes the helicopter -- second time today. Everybody scatters and hopes it goes away. If I Had A Rocket Launcher; Bruce Cockburn

**Bonus** He's five-foot-two and he's six-feet-four, he fights with missiles and spears, he's all of thirty-one and he's only seventeen, been a soldier for a thousand years. Universal Soldier; Donovan

New quiz next Tuesday!
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