Wednesday, December 12, 2007

George Bush Hates America

George W. Bush, the Preznit Of Rich, White Americans has, in his infinite wisdom, once again vetoed SCHIP legislation that would have provided health care for some 6 million children whose families don't qualify for Medicare and can not otherwise afford it.


Why does he persist? He's already got the Worst President Ever title sewn up, hands down, he's miles away from the competition with no hope of ever relinquishing it (well, perhaps unless Giuliani somehow gets elected...); what's the point at this point? It seems like piling on.

We get it, George. We're convinced. You're a heartless, dim, incompetent, cruel, bullying, evil, lying sack of festering demon manure, who couldn't be any worse for the country if you began a campaign of personally knocking down every old lady and kicking every small child and dog you see from now until the end of your term. How about if you give it a rest?
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