Friday, December 07, 2007

All Aboard These Answers

After an initial burst of recognition, a number of lines from this week's train-themed quiz never got answered. Eric the DiscoBoy must have taken the week off, or I'm sure he would have identified at least a few of them. Kudos to George for recognizing Hank Williams (not Hank Williams, Jr. -- never Hank Williams, Jr.) as the Bonus question.

Here are the answers:

1. Don't say what you mean, you might spoil your face. If you walk in the crowd, you won't leave any trace. Jumping Someone Else's Train; The Cure

2. The walls are built up, stone by stone, the fields divided one by one. Driver 8; R.E.M.

3. Two train tickets into L.A., one round trip the other way. Hitchcock Railway; Joe Cocker

4. Why should I care, why should I care? Girls of fifteen, sexually knowing, the ushers are sniffing, eau-de-cologning... 5:15; The Who

5. I'm always running behind the time... Just Like This Train; Joni Mitchell

6. I lost everything I had in the '29 flood, the barn was buried 'neath a mile of mud... 2:19; Tom Waits (I'm also partial to the very fine cover version done by John Hammond, Jr., on his Waits-tribute album Wicked Grin)

7. Well, I ride on a mailtrain, baby, can't buy a thrill. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry; Bob Dylan (what, no Dylan fans here?)

8. Outside there's a box car waiting, outside the family stew... Here Comes Your Man; Pixies

9. L.A. proved too much for the man, so he's leaving the life he's come to know. Midnight Train To Georgia; Gladys Knight & the Pips

10. Say you stand by your man, tell me something I don't understand. Train In Vain; The Clash

**Bonus** I can settle down and be doin' just fine, 'til I hear an old train rollin' down the line... Ramblin' Man; Hank Williams
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