Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Whose Opening Line Is It Anyway: Where Do You Get Off?

Pulling in with another easy one this week, and another one for which I have more entries than I have slots to put them in. There are an awful lot of songs out there about... this week's theme. Let's see if you can identify the ones listed here (I know you can; some of them, at least).

1. Don't say what you mean, you might spoil your face. If you walk in the crowd, you won't leave any trace.
2. The walls are built up, stone by stone, the fields divided one by one.
3. Two train tickets into L.A., one round trip the other way.
4. Why should I care, why should I care? Girls of fifteen, sexually knowing, the ushers are sniffing, eau-de-cologning...
5. I'm always running behind the time...
6. I lost everything I had in the '29 flood, the barn was buried 'neath a mile of mud...
7. Well, I ride on a mailtrain, baby, can't buy a thrill.
8. Outside there's a box car waiting, outside the family stew...
9. L.A. proved too much for the man, so he's leaving the life he's come to know.
10. Say you stand by your man, tell me something I don't understand.

**Bonus** I can settle down and be doin' just fine, 'til I hear an old train rollin' down the line...

Answers Friday (though I expect most of these will already be identified by then).
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