Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Letter The SF Chronicle Won't Print

Editor --

Now that former White House press secretary Scott McClellan has confirmed what most of us who had been paying attention all knew -- that the Bush administration used lies and propaganda to take us to war ("Former loyalist's memoir stings Bush," Chronicle, 5/29) -- can we expect Speaker Nancy Pelosi to finally put impeachment back on the table? This administration has spent the past seven-plus years committing high crimes and misdemeanors with impunity, and has not yet been called to account for any of them. What more evidence is needed to investigate this criminal crew than McClellan's insider's view of the run-up to war with Iraq and the deceptions, the outright lies and the behind-the-scenes manipulation of Congress, the media and the American people?

Even Speaker Pelosi herself is quoted in your paper commenting on McClellan's book, saying that she "totally agree(s)... this war is a big lie. It was a lie to begin with, and it continues to be a lie..."

If that's the case, isn't the president guilty of a war crime? Both George Bush and Dick Cheney should not just be removed from office, but indicted, tried, and, if found guilty, imprisoned. To do anything less would be to admit that the laws of this great nation have been rendered meaningless by the most criminal administration to ever take office, with the full complicity of Congress.

-- All my love and kisses,
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