Friday, May 16, 2008

Charged-Up, Plugged-In Electrifying Answers That Will Shock You

Easy theme this week, though most of you struggled a bit with the lines themselves. And as Eric B (who got all but #1, #2 and the Bonus line) pointed out, I really missed a bet by not including a song from Wayne County & The Electric Chairs. Also – full disclosure – the Son Volt line could possibly have a mistake or two in it, as I was unable to find a transcription of the lyrics to that song and had to rely on my own admittedly dyslexic ears. (Dyslexic Ears? Isn’t that an album by Cream?)

Okay, here you go, don’t touch the bare wire.

1. We went through the fifth straightaways after, tracked for days on end, turnin' away from faster... Picking Up The Signal; Son Volt

2. The Minus is loveless, he talks to the land, and the leaves fall and the pond over-ices. Electricity; Joni Mitchell

3. You didn't mean to do it but you did it again. The night started out fuckin' around with your friends. Little Electric Chair; Iggy Pop

4. Now in the street there is violence, and, and a lots of work to be done. Electric Avenue; Eddy Grant

5. Can you raise both your hands and clap 'em? Can you say, "Sure, I'll always try"? Mickey Mouse; Sparks

6. I'm your only friend, I'm not your only friend but I'm a little glowing friend... Birdhouse In Your Soul; They Might Be Giants

7. Last night your shadow fell upon my lonely room. I touched your golden hair and tasted your perfume. I Had Too Much To Dream; The Electric Prunes

8. I saw your friend 1st. That's who I danced with. All the time I was watchin' U. Electric Chair; Prince

9. Got love, if that's what you need. I got three or four babies sittin' on my knee. Ma-Ma-Ma-Belle; Electric Light Orchestra

10. I was feeling sick, I was losing my mind. I heard about these treatments from a good friend of mine. Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment; The Ramones

**Bonus** Karen blows the smoke across the table to the seat I'm in, and blood is passed around in glasses, "Vintage year," she says again. Electric Chair; Luce

We'll try again next week, so study up!
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