Monday, May 19, 2008

It's Not The Sex!

Over the past few months, other than a very few posts (like this one, for instance), I've tried to stay away from the Democratic primary pie-fight. I still believe the focus should be on defeating St. McCain and his assured continuation of the Bushco Destruction of America Tour (now in its seventh year!), not our own intramural squabbles. But this post from Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast was so good, I thought, that it should be shared. Her basic point is that Hillary Clinton has not lost the nomination because she's a woman (and make no mistake about it, she has lost, and has no chance of coming back at this point), but because she has made numerous mistakes in her campaign, many of which are illustrated very concisely in Jill's post. Whether you support Clinton or Obama for the Democratic ticket, this is worth reading.

(Apologies as necessary for that shameless attempt to draw in readers by giving this post a mildly racy title.)
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