Monday, October 27, 2008

The Return Of Random Flickr Blogging

Many Congressional Republicans running for re-election this year are trying to slither away from the "Republican" label, calling themselves members of the "GOP Party" or using other, less off-putting euphemisms.
Yikes. Brando's testicles turn up in the most unexpected places, don't they?
It seems there are actually a lot more Palin children around than just the ones Sarah poses with in her campaign photo-ops. Here, for instance, are Tarpaulin, Mergatroid, Stick, Whozits, Emulsify, Naughahyde and Patch, with Bracket and Sphygmomanometer just out of frame...
Speaking of Sarah Palin, polls show that a majority of voters believe that the most likely outcome of the 2008 election is that a house from Kansas will fall on her after a particularly severe Midwestern tornado.

(Random Flickr Blogging has been revived! Well, at least this week, anyway. The images above, #4200, can be found here, here, here, here and here. Our new fearless leader Shiltone gives an updated explanation of RFB here.)
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