Friday, September 23, 2005


Returning to the scene of the original crime last night, Ben & Nick's Bar & Grill on College Avenue in Oakland (hard by the border of the People's Free Republic of Berkeley), the ever-shifting group of Bay Area Bloggers And Readers gathered once again last night, and a good time was had by all. At least, all of me had a good time.

Attending were many of the usual suspects: Scaramouche, Victor Shystee, fyrste from suckful, Paperwight, mrgumby2u from itlookslikethis, Dr. Laniac and the King of Zembla. There were also some new faces, which is always good to see. For instance, The Editors (along with his lovely pal Claudia) from The Poor Man made his first appearance at one of our events, and glad we were to meet him. Anyone who will publicly say that Arnold Schwarzenegger should "eat a bowl of dicks" is aces in our book. Check out his site today for a great story on Bush's re-boozing ways. Another new face was award-winning author Brian from 1000 Buffalo Stampede. Great to meet him as well.

But the pleasant surprise of the night was seeing our long-lost Prodigal Blogger qubit, formerly our Token Reader, then author of The Token Reader blog before it went dark (it's now come Lazarus-like back to life, hurray!), looking just like Scaramouche's son. It was so good to see him we almost forgot about how much we missed Chuck from Belisarius Blogs, Angie from Ang's Weird Ideas, Mags from You Forgot Poland! (who was in Hawai'i, so we totally understand), Drew from Scamboogah!! (who has now not made it to the past two gatherings, and we wonder just what kind of barrespondent misses out on a chance to drink?) and Hal from Hellblazer. John from Blogenlust also had no luck in finding a cheap flight from New York on short notice and so was absent, and more's the pity. And the rumors that Pete from The Dark Window (which, unfortunately, remains dark) and Spicy Tomato Jessica might show up remained just that -- rumors.

Still, a wild and wooly and extremely enjoyable gathering, yes sir, E. Bob. You shoulda been there. If you missed it, remember that there's a chance to meet up with some of us this coming Tuesday (9/27) at Zeitgeist on Valencia at 14th in San Francisco. We'll be joining the Drinking Liberally crowd along with special guest Bob Geiger from the Yellow Dog Blog. I'll be there, and if you show up -- yes, you -- I'll be sure to buy you a beer.
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