Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Constantly Adjusting Tactics

I guess it depends on what the definition of "stay" is. And "the." And "course."

Preznit Petulance is disavowing that, when he said "stay the course" over the past three-plus years, he really meant "stay the course." He didn't mean that at all, he says now. "Listen, we've never been stay the course, George," he told George Stephanopolous over the past weekend. Uh huh. I believe him. Because, I mean, after all, he's the President, and the President wouldn't just lie and prevaricate and make shit up, would he? That's the Vice President's job.

Continuing with an irregular series of letters I send to the editor of the SF Chronicle (which only rarely get published), here is my response to this bit of historical revisionism that may or may not show up in the next couple days in the Op-Ed section of the local paper:

Editor --

The October 24th Chronicle headline announces that George Bush wishes to clarify the meaning behind his numerous pronouncements that the United States will "stay the course" in Iraq by saying that "stay the course" actually means "constantly adjusting the tactics."

I look forward to the coming weeks when Mr. Bush will also clarify a few other concepts that Americans may have misinterpreted. For instance, that War is actually Peace, that Freedom is, in fact, Slavery, and that Ignorance is Strength.

Actually, given what his administration has been able to accomplish in six years, he may be correct about that last one.

-- (Name withheld to protect me from being declared an enemy combatant)
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