Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Rabid Flickr Blogging

Roughly translated, I believe those carved words inform visitors that this is the Church of Our Lady the Voraciously Swallowed by Sea Monsters.
Tim Varney, world's first -- and last -- suicide drummer.
Another peak experience at the Orange Sunshine, Dude, Ranch.
Available for weddings, parties, bar mitzvahs and karaoke brawls, a cappella act The Ties That Bind have been together now for nearly three weeks.
The Rapture began just as Harvey clicked the shutter, and in a matter of seconds, Aunt Enid was completely gone. "Cool," said Jeff and Carla to each other. "Now we can have all her stuff!"
Moe Howard's great-granddaughter dares you to "pick two fingers."
Moments after this picture was snapped, Stan fell victim to the rare Venus Fratboy Trap.

(Original images, #2918, posted here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Random Flickr Blogging explained by Tom Hilton here.)
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