Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Free Pub For The Freeway Blogger

I was at home doing the dishes yesterday evening, about 6:35-6:40. Mrs. Generik had just gotten home from work, and had switched on the TV news. All of a sudden she said to me, "Isn't that your impeach-sign buddy?"

Sure enough, it was the Freeway Blogger himself, being interviewed by one of the blow-dried talking heads on the local ABC-Channel 7 news. The segment lasted about five minutes or so, and featured quite a few pictures of the various signs that he and his cohorts have put up throughout the Bay Area. What a coup!, I thought. Not only did those signs get seen by thousands of drivers passing by them, but now they're being viewed by even more people who are just sitting passively in front of their television sets.

Congratulations to a local legend (and fellow BARBARian) for the free publicity. Let's hope that at least a few people out there were inspired by the segment and will speak out, protest and/or go out and post their own signs -- not to mention work even harder to impeach this most lawless, traitorous and harmful administration ever.

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