Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fight Media Consolidation

Click here to sign a petition urging Congress to stop the FCC-approved media consolidation that will concentrate information in the hands of Rupert Murdoch a very few conglomerates controlling radio, TV and print media, to the further detriment of an informed society and a free press. (h/t to my good friend nashtbrutusandshort for the link.)

**UPDATE** Related to this, our pal Snave at Various Ecstasies has a good post up defining the "Liberal Media" and demonstrating how this new FCC ruling will help to crush it. Once you're there, also check out the photo essay about the War on Christmas just below it. Good stuff!

(Seriously now, anyone who truly believes the media in America are "liberal" in any way, shape or form -- especially those who believe that they get their marching orders from George Soros and/or Media Matters for America -- is simply too fucking stupid to live.)
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